Lynx Smart BMS 1000 (M10)


Designed for high-capacity battery setups, Lynx Smart BMS 1000 (M10) combines advanced BMS technology with M10-sized compatibility. It offers comprehensive monitoring and management, maximizing battery efficiency and lifespan.

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The Victron Lynx Smart BMS 1000 (M10) module integrates advanced Battery Management System (BMS) technology into the Lynx DC distribution system, offering comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities for batteries. Engineered for reliability and performance, this module ensures optimal battery health and longevity in diverse electrical setups.

Key Features:

Battery Management: The Lynx Smart BMS 1000 (M10) provides intelligent monitoring and control of battery parameters, including voltage, current, temperature, and state of charge.
Modular Design: As part of the modular Lynx system, this module offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing battery requirements.
Efficient Battery Monitoring: It enables precise monitoring of individual battery cells, ensuring balanced charging and discharging for optimal battery performance.
User-Friendly Interface: Equipped with an intuitive control interface, the Lynx Smart BMS 1000 (M10) allows for easy configuration and monitoring of battery status.
Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate with other Lynx components, this module offers compatibility with a wide range of battery setups.

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The Victron Lynx Smart BMS 1000 (M10) module delivers advanced battery management capabilities within the Lynx DC distribution system. With its intelligent monitoring, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with other Lynx components, it ensures optimal battery performance and longevity in various electrical applications.

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