Lynx Class-T Power In (M10)


Engineered for Class-T power applications, Lynx Class-T Power In (M10) guarantees efficient power transfer with its M10-compatible design. It’s the ideal choice for demanding power setups, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

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The Victron Lynx Class-T Power In (M10) module serves as a critical component within the Lynx DC distribution system, specifically designed to accommodate Class-T fuse connections. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, this module ensures seamless power distribution and management in various electrical setups.

Key Features:

Fuse Compatibility: The Lynx Class-T Power In (M10) is tailored for Class-T fuse connections, providing enhanced protection and safety for electrical systems.
Modular Design: As part of the modular Lynx system, this module offers flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing power requirements.
Efficient Power Distribution: It serves as the primary connection point for power input, ensuring efficient distribution of electrical power throughout the system.
Robust Construction: Built to withstand demanding conditions, the Lynx Class-T Power In (M10) ensures long-term reliability and performance in diverse electrical environments.
Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate with other Lynx components, this module offers compatibility with a wide range of electrical setups.

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The Victron Lynx Class-T Power In (M10) module provides a reliable and efficient solution for power distribution within the Lynx DC distribution system. With its specialized design for Class-T fuse connections, robust construction, and compatibility with other Lynx components, it ensures safe and effective power management in various applications.

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