12V/60Ah Gel Deep Cycle Batt.


Compact 12V gel battery optimized for deep cycling, 60Ah capacity.

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Experience reliable power in deep cycling applications with the 12V/60Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery, engineered to excel in off-grid, marine, and renewable energy systems. With its compact design and impressive 60Ah capacity, this battery offers a versatile solution for powering various devices and equipment. The gel electrolyte technology ensures enhanced durability and resistance to vibration, making it an ideal choice for demanding environments. Whether it’s powering trolling motors, solar panels, or backup systems, this battery provides dependable performance with minimal maintenance requirements. Invest in the 12V/60Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery for consistent power and peace of mind in your off-grid adventures and energy storage projects.

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 227 × 138 × 229 cm