12V/200Ah AGM Telecom Batt. (M8)


Dependable 12V AGM battery tailored for telecom, 200Ah capacity, M8 terminals.


Designed for the unique challenges of telecommunications applications, the 12V/200Ah AGM Telecom Battery stands as a beacon of reliability and resilience in the face of communication disruptions. With a generous 200Ah capacity, this battery provides ample power reserves to keep vital communication infrastructure operational under any circumstances. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, it utilizes advanced AGM technology to deliver consistent performance and longevity. The inclusion of M8 terminals ensures secure and hassle-free installation, allowing for quick deployment in telecom towers, base stations, and remote sites. Whether it’s supporting emergency communication networks or providing backup power for critical systems, this battery excels in delivering uninterrupted power when it’s needed most.

Additional information

Weight 59 kg
Dimensions 323 × 125 × 546 cm