12V/265Ah Gel Deep Cycle Batt. (M8)


High-performance 12V gel battery with M8 terminals, 265Ah capacity.

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Harness the unmatched power of the 12V/265Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery, engineered to excel in the most demanding off-grid and renewable energy applications. With an impressive capacity of 265Ah, this battery provides unparalleled energy storage for extended periods, ensuring uninterrupted power for your critical systems and equipment. The gel electrolyte technology enhances durability and deep cycling capabilities, making it ideal for frequent discharges in harsh environments. Its M8 terminals facilitate secure and hassle-free installation, while the compact design and maintenance-free operation ensure effortless upkeep. Count on the 12V/265Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery to deliver consistent and dependable power for your off-grid adventures and energy projects, no matter how demanding the conditions may be.

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Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 223 × 268 × 520 cm