12V/220Ah Gel Deep Cycle Batt.


Powerful 12V gel battery for off-grid and marine use, 220Ah capacity.

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Power your off-grid dreams with the 12V/220Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery, engineered to provide reliable energy storage for extended periods in demanding applications. With a substantial capacity of 220Ah, this battery delivers ample power reserves for RVs, marine vessels, renewable energy systems, and more. The gel electrolyte technology ensures enhanced durability and deep cycling capability, making it an ideal choice for frequent discharges. Its compact design and maintenance-free operation simplify installation and upkeep, while the robust construction guarantees long-term reliability. Whether you’re exploring remote destinations or powering critical systems, trust the 12V/220Ah Gel Deep Cycle Battery to keep your off-grid adventures energized and enjoyable.

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Weight 66 kg
Dimensions 240 × 238 × 522 cm