About Us

Our Green Energy Drive

Our company’s goal and long term outlook is to envision solar use on every building in the Caribbean. We have embraced this energy source to drive the very existence of our entity.

All our drive and energy utilized is based on the current plan of the present-day Government projections to have and to embrace solar usefully by the targeted the year 2030. This is in line to embrace all green energy utilization along with lessening the dependency on fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and diesel used to generate energy to produce energy.

Additionally, we are glad to be part of the on-grid facilitation with the Barbados Light and Power Company Limited to assist with fuelling this entity with power produced from the sun via our PV system installations on residential, commercial, and government rooftops or ground mounts.

Not only will they benefit; but all our clients stand to benefit tremendously from their investments on a short, medium, or long term basis. This benefit, which is evident by savings on energy expenses, is dependent on the PV solar investment.