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20kWp, BESS, Roof Mounted PV Plant

Project Summary

Microgrid experts at DHYBRID have installed microgrids on a total of 26 islands on the Shaviyani and Noonu Atolls of the Maldives and equipped them with a central monitoring and control system (SCADA). The project sponsored by the Maldivian Ministry of Environment and the Climate Investment Funds aims to substantially decrease carbon emissions as well as the costs of energy generation on these remote islands. The solar energy capacity installed is about 2.65 megawatts, and the capacity of the battery storage systems used is around 3.2 megawatt hours.

The solar addition to the existing microgrids on both atolls is part of the Preparing Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development project, or POISED, which sees to making the energy supply of the outer atolls and islands as well as the region surrounding the main island of Malé sustainable.


Size of Battery System

832 / 876 kW/kWh

Size of PV Plant

18 kWp

Total Panels Installed