VE Transfer Switch 5kVA/230V


The VE Transfer Switch 5kVA/230V enables seamless switching between power sources, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply in critical applications. With a 5kVA capacity and compatibility with 230V systems, it offers reliable power transfer for various setups.

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The VE Transfer Switch 5kVA/230V is a high-quality and reliable solution for seamless power transfer in critical applications. Designed to handle up to 5kVA (5000 Volt-Amps) of power and compatible with 230V electrical systems, this transfer switch ensures uninterrupted electricity supply during grid fluctuations, outages, or when switching between different power sources.

With its robust construction and advanced features, the VE Transfer Switch 5kVA/230V provides peace of mind for installations where continuity of power is essential. Whether used in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, this transfer switch guarantees smooth operation and protection of connected equipment.


Capacity: 5kVA (5000 Volt-Amps)
Voltage Compatibility: 230V
Application: Transfer switch for seamless power transfer
Construction: Sturdy and durable design for long-term reliability
Compatibility: Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications
Features: Advanced technology for smooth and reliable power transfer
Protection: Ensures protection of connected equipment during power transitions
Safety: Built-in safety features for secure operation
Efficiency: Optimized for energy efficiency and minimal power loss
Installation: Easy to install and integrate into existing electrical systems
Certification: Complies with relevant industry standards for safety and performance

The VE Transfer Switch 5kVA/230V is an essential component for ensuring uninterrupted power supply and safeguarding critical equipment against voltage fluctuations or power outages. Its versatile design and robust capabilities make it a reliable choice for various applications where continuous power is paramount.

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Dimensions 120 × 215 × 175 cm