Sun Inverter 24/250-10 IEC


High-performance solar inverter delivering 250 watts, optimized for 24V systems with 10-amp output, meeting IEC standards to ensure safe and dependable operation.

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The Sun Inverter combines a sinewave inverter and a PWM solar charger in one enclosure and is easy to install, with a minimum of wiring.

The inverter allows you to power domestic equipment – requiring 230V AC – using ‘leisure’ or ‘automotive’ batteries rated at 12V or 24V.

The solar charger ensures that the batteries are being charged by energy harvested from your solar panels. The charge algorithm is programmable.

The inverter and solar charger parameters can be read out via Bluetooth using the VictronConnect app. In addition to this, the inverter has a VE.Direct Port for connection to a GX device or GlobalLink 520 for system monitoring.

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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 260 × 165 × 86 cm