Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/15 (1)


Efficient 12V charger with 15A capacity, ensures fast charging while maintaining battery health.

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The Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/15 (1) is a cutting-edge charging solution designed to provide efficient and reliable power to 12V batteries. With a charging capacity of 15 amps, this charger is optimized for fast and effective charging while maintaining the battery’s health and longevity. Equipped with intelligent charging algorithms, temperature compensation, and adaptive battery management, it ensures optimal performance in a wide range of applications, from marine and RVs to automotive and industrial use. Its compact and rugged design, along with built-in safety features, makes it a versatile and dependable choice for keeping your batteries charged and ready whenever you need them.

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Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 65 × 108 × 235 cm