Argodiode 100-3AC 3 batteries 100A


Designed to accommodate triple battery setups, the Argodiode 100-3AC delivers a sturdy 100A capacity for consistent power distribution. Engineered with precision, it effectively isolates each battery while efficiently handling electrical loads, making it an ideal choice for multi-battery applications.

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Victron Argodiode 100-3AC 3 batteries 100A Isolator

Diode Battery Isolators allow simultaneous charging of two or more batteries from one alternator, without connecting the batteries together. Discharging the accessory battery for example will not result in also discharging the starter battery. Low voltage drop due to the use of high efficiency Schottky diodes

The Argo Battery Isolators feature a low voltage drop thanks to the use of Schottky diodes: at low current the voltage drop is approximately 0,3 V and at the rated output approximately 0,45 V.
All models are fitted with a compensation diode that can be used to slightly increase the output voltage of the alternator. This compensates for the voltage drop over the diodes in the isolator.

Number of batteries connecting – 3
Connection studs – M6
Dimensions (h x w x d, mm) – 60 x 120 x 115

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 115 × 120 × 60 cm