Isolation Trans. 7000W 230V


High-capacity transformer delivering 7000 watts of power isolation specifically designed for 230V systems, ensuring efficient and reliable electrical isolation.

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Victron Isolation Transformer 7000W 230V

Indispensable in professional marine energy systems. It prevents electrolytic corrosion and above all serves as a device to guarantee a safe electric system. Toroidal wound technology for quietness and high efficiency. Soft start circuitry will ensure that the shore circuit breaker will not trip when plugged in.

The Isolation Transformer eliminates any electrical continuity between AC shore power and the boat. It is essential for safety and eliminates the need for galvanic isolators and polarity alarms.

The Isolation Transformer eliminates any electrical continuity between shore power and the boat. The shore power is fed to the primary side of the transformer and the ship is connected to the secondary.The Isolation Transformer completely isolates the boat from the shore ground. By connecting all metal parts to the neutral output on the secondary side of the transformer, a GFCI will trip or a fuse will blow in case of a short circuit.

Input: 230 V
Rating: 32 A
Weight: 28 kg
Dimensions (h x w x d),mm: 362 x 258 x 218

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 218 × 258 × 362 cm